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Andrea Dutton

Andrea Dutton
Assistant Professor

220A Williamson Hall
(352) 392-3626


Sea Level
Carbonate Geochemistry

Dr. Dutton is a carbonate geochemist who applies a diverse set of techniques including radiogenic and stable isotope systems to address questions related to Earth’s past climate.

Current Research:

Quaternary sea level change
Studying the behavior of ice sheet dynamics and sea level change during previous interglacial periods will help to provide empirical constraints on future sea level rise.  This line of work combines field studies (mapping and facies analysis), geochronology (of corals, submerged speleothems, etc), geochemistry and petrography, with geophysical models of glacial isostasy to understand the relationship between local (or relative) sea level and global (or eustatic) sea level change.

Ancient greenhouse climate dynamics
Understanding the dynamics of climate during greenhouse conditions and during rapid climate transitions is of great interest within the context of present and future climate change.  This research stream focuses on establishing paleoclimatic benchmarks with multiple proxies, probing the fidelity of various environmental proxies, and integrating this knowledge with climate models.