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Michael R. Perfit

Professor of Geology
Ph.D. Columbia University, 1977

Igneous petrology and geochemistry, marine geology and tectonics.
Research focuses on the generation of magmas within the Earth, the evolution of these magmas as they rise to the surface to form the volcanic and plutonic terrains that comprise much of the Earth’s surface. To do this I use an integrated approach that involves fieldwork to map and sample igneous rocks (often from oceanographic vessels), optical and microbeam analyses to determine the crystallization history of magmas, and a variety of geochemical techniques that provide clues to decipher the petrogenetic history of the rocks. My approach to research has been to use these data to better understand the associations between plate tectonic and igneous activity. Recent research has concentrated on the volcanic, tectonic and geochemical evolution of oceanic crust and utilized geophysical equipment, remotely operated vehicles, and ALVIN to explore and sample mid-ocean ridges and seamounts. In addition, this information is often integrated with that from other specializations (e.g., biologists, geophysicists, chemists) to help address other fundamental questions relating to the development of hydrothermal vents, submarine mineralization and deep-sea volcanism.

Research Opportunities:
Mapping and sampling sections of the mid-ocean ridge
Laboratory analysis of major, trace and isotopic compositions of lavas
Phase chemical studies of igneous rocks from arcs and the ocean floor

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